Breakfast & Restaurant

  • Breakfast & Restaurant

Bistro-style Breakfast by Hotel Chef

A wonderful start of a day begins with delicious breakfast! Healthy breakfast buffet comes with various menus including Japanese and Western cuisines. Have an energetic morning with the fabulously voluminous breakfast of wide variety.

Breakfast & Restaurant

Open Hours?7:00am ~ 9:00am
Breakfast Area?3rd Floor Teppan Bistro Perigord
Breakfast Fee?1,200yen(adult) / 600yen (children from 3 to 5)

?Please purchase your breakfast coupon at our Front Desk in advance.
?Children under 3 are free of charge.

Breakfast & Restaurant
Try our delicious pancakes when you feel like having a light, sweet breakfast!

Breakfast & Restaurant
Enjoy our fresh baked breads with freshly brewed coffee

Quality and Quantity-wise Satisfying Lunch

Breakfast & Restaurant

Chef's Special One-plate Lunch・・・1,000yen

●lunch menu changes weekly, only provided on weekdays. 20 plates per day only.
●includes soup of the day and unlimited rice

Steak Lunch (150g)・・・1,200yen

●includes salad, potato fries, soup of the day, and unlimited freshly baked bread or rice​​​​​​​
Pasta Lunch・・・1,000yen

● pasta menu changes weekly
●includes salad, soup of the day, and unlimited bread

Fermata (course selection)・・・1,500yen

● choose from meat or fish
● includes salad, soup of the day, and unlimited freshly baked bread or rice

Open Hours?11:30am~2:30pm
Lunch Area?3rd Floor Teppan Bistro Perigord

?We have various other lunch menus apart from above.
?The quoted prices are tax exclusive.

? Termination of Dinner Service ?
Pleaes note that from November 2016, our hotel has stopped providing dinner service at our restaurant. Therefore we kindly suggest our guests to find your dinner venue outside our hotel.